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Published: Apr 8, 2020 by C.S. Rhymes

Since a along time i had two dreams;

  • what if Nepali engineer working at Apple teaches programming to a +2 student in butwal, similarly what if Nepali studying at Harvard helps a student in Kathmandu with their college application
  • what if a Nepali data scientist at google helps a Nepali student to get a job at Google by providing them interview preparation tips, resume editing tips and referral.

I remember my early days. I so wanted to talk with someone who could guide me for college application, interview preparations, job finding and entreprenuial adventures. But i had to figure out many thing myself. The scene was similar for anyone of my time.

But things have changed now. Nepalese living abroad, today are placed in important positions at various companies, colleges, agencies and universities. Some have found great success in their own startups too. When I talk with these people I often sense a desire in all of them to help their fellow Nepalese. They all want to help their younger generation but they complain about the lack of a proper platform to meet the youngsters who want to learn. On the Other hand, when i talk with various students (in Nepal and abroad), almost everyone said to me “I really wish our seniors would guide us so that we can work towards our goal and career.”In short, there is a lack of a platform which brings mentor and mentee together. I am bridging that gap by creating this mentorship platform.

Thus I decided to start krinjal-mentorship.

Now the first batch (i am calling it batch-0) is going to be an experimental batch. i mentor a lot of youngsters but i have not done it with so many mentors together. Thus, we don’t know what is going to work ant what not. However, this batch will give us various important data to make future batch better for both mentor and mentees.

My desire is to provide mentorship to anyone who applies. However, since mentors can only give time to small number of people, i cannot accept everyone. But, those who do not get accepted in this batch, will be given high priority for next batch. Thus, the main factor we see is the urgency of the mentee to be in current batch.

I am so thankful to all the mentors who have volunteered their time to help their youngsters.

I hope Krinjal Mentorship will help a lot of youngsters in their career and life.

Kshitij Raj Lohani

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what/why Krinjal mentorship
what/why Krinjal mentorship

Since a along time i had two dreams;